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Etcheberry Tennis Performance Certified:

I have been indirectly involved with Tennis since I was about seventeen years old. I was a pretty good student and loved athletics growing up, my first love was playing football. I was not your typical football player, showing an obsession with training at an early age I can remember my head coach at the time telling me, “hey bud this ain’t Bailey’s Fitness”, during a demanding off season training day. I should not blame him, I never missed a workout but would be guilty of ducking out of meetings or early week day practices during season.

All in, all I remembered being pretty law and rule abiding especially in the eyes of my peers but one day I did something that put me in boiling water. Being sent to the Dean of boys for the first time I nervous but at the same time hopeful. Luckily the Dean was also an assistant to the football program and the coach of the Tennis team. Long story short I was suckered into playing Tennis. Kicking and screaming it was actually really amazing experience. I was exposed to some great people learned a knew skill and it gave me enough lingo to communicate with a huge population of the active community here on Hilton Head Island.

To this day one of my best buds here and my number one client happens to also be a respected accomplished world class Tennis player. To me he is a mentor and my conduit. One day he shared with me that one of the most respected Tennis trainers was coming to the Island to conduct a workshop. Incapable of passing up the opportunity I dug deep and invested in certifying and training with the honorable Pat Etcheberry. Through his teaching I learned how to approach a Tennis fitness program. I can remember how important he placed and individual goals and how every player’s needs are different from one another. With time, I have fused my life’s passion of weight training with functional training I learned with Pat’s techniques.

My claim to fame so far has been overlooking Jade Lewis’s training program here on Hilton Head. Jade has been a packaged commitment from the very beginning. With Jade, there is always her father David Lewis, also a world class athlete former tournament player and master Tennis coach. With David’s guidance, the contributions of several Tennis personalities here and abroad we have built a machine. Today as a freshman she is playing the one seat at LSU and has already defeated the number 35 ranked player in the Nation. Look out for her, I believe she will be a great pro soon.

Jade has set the bar high, working with that level of talent has definitely been eye opening. The experience has sharpened my eye on recognizing the difference between good and great. That being said, I love working with athletes of all levels.

Phil Mullins