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  • Phil Mullins Fitness Breakthrough Fitness Hilton Head Island

I am an intuitive trainer with an artistic approach.

I grew up in an aggressive coastal neighborhood called Buckroe Beach, located in Hampton Virginia. Hampton is the first town you enter when crossing the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel going north from Norfolk Virginia, the home of the largest natural harbor and port to the largest Naval station in the world. My town and greater area of Hampton Roads was saturated with military influences. I was exposed to some of the most structured and disciplined people growing up in a community with such strong military values. The first gym that I ever had a membership to in fact was the recreations facility on Fort Monroe Military base. I was 15 years old, hate dating myself but that makes it 1995.

To this day Fort Monroe holds dear to my heart and the experiences that I had there have had a lasting effect on my personality. Looking back now I realize that many of the gym patrons were men and women self medicating from PTSD. There were the lonely wives keeping themselves busy while their husbands where on assignments. Many where the active duty keeping themselves on top of their game for fitness tests. Then there was my buddy Kenny. Ken was a competitive bodybuilder who happened to be in contention with becoming Mr. Virginia. It’s like yesterday I can see him ragging on me for missing a day or for dragging my ass from staying up all night the night before. Ken would tell me that I was just throwing myself into a wall and to wait till I was older and more serious before pursuing the swole game. After a grueling training session I caught Ken on my way out the gym and I went to remind him of the work I was doing on my guns and that I was starting to get results with my chest I ask, “when can I say that I am a bodybuilder?” The accomplished bodybuilder laughed and proclaimed, “you are not a bodybuilder unless you have gone through the sabbatical of prepping for a competition and displaying your physique in a banana hammock on stage.” In Ken’s eyes I did not become a bodybuilder until 2007.

I had a lot of growing up to do and a few bumps in the road before I was in a place to compete as bodybuilder. My first show was the Isle of Palms in Savanna Georgia. Chicken and broccoli, chicken and broccoli day in and day out. For me there is no experience like locking in and preparing for a competition. I got to a place where I would ask someone, do you know what it takes to get to 3%, pause EVERYTHING! It is one of the hardest things I have ever committed to. It is such an amazing experience; I believe everyone should do at least one.

I picked out my first posing trunks when I was twenty-seven and I am still competing to this day. I crossed over from competing in the WNBF as a middle weight bodybuilder to the NPC, competing in the Men’s Physique. In 2013, I thought I had enough after having a lack luster outing. I had a lot going on at the time and was nowhere capable of reaching top form. I took a long break and even a sabbatical to figure out what I really wanted to do. By the end of 2014 my itch to compete was so big I convinced a fellow trainer to jump on stage for his first show. It was my perfect excuse to jump back in, and I have been all in ever sense.

Competition will end one day but the knowledge from the commitment of executing them will last my lifetime. It is my pleasure to share my experiences. I promise I you that I have done everything the wrong way twice. Learn from my downfalls, safe yourself heartache.

Today I am in the process of assisting the building and development of one of the most talented up incoming physique competitors that I have had the pleasure of ever even being around. I met this kid at the 2015 Excalibur competition and he introduces himself being seven years from the Arnold. The kid being less than 160 lbs wet is claiming that he will be a competitor at one of the biggest competitions off all time. At the show the kid promised me that he would come to Hilton Head to train with me some time.

As a promise bright eyed and bushy tailed he walked into Breakthrough fitness with his poncho cut, shredded over revealing T shirt. With a sinister look on my face I announced his fate for the day as a life altering leg session. Luis Rada weighing almost twenty-five less than me went toe to toe with me during a leg day, all the while almost mimicking my weight loads. I was absolutely blown away. He confessed that he wanted to compete on the World’s stage in bodybuilding and physique. I told myself, man I wished I was that goal driven and focused at that age. Then I said man what if I were and I had me to back my success. I told Luis as long as his intentions remained focused on bodybuilding that I would do any and everything within my resources to support him. I remembered being hungry. When they say no man can be an Island to himself, never tried to make waves in bodybuilding on a resort Island that specializes in beach, golf and booze. Why would I wish that on anyone else? I hated doing it with no support and I did not want him to think he was alone.