• Phil Mullins Fitness Trainer Nutrition

First off, I am not a registered dietitian I am not qualified to write out a diet. I am in the process of attaining my Sports Nutrition Certification through American Council on Exercise. What I do have is the curse of being born to parents with obesity issues on both sides of my family. In fact at 5 foot 3 and 265lbs my mother had a gastric bypass. Nothing aggravates me more than someone looking at my physique and telling me that I have good or great genetics, which is the furthest from the truth. At the lowest point in my life so far, after suffering a tough bout with alcohol and substance abuse I had actually weighed 246lbs at 23 percent body fat. Down and out, out of shape, been there got the t shirt and the stretch marks to show.

Through my journey and my studies I have accumulated an enormous body of knowledge and techniques on manipulating calories. At my worst I have weighed almost 250lbs, today I hold weight between 195 and 205 competing last at 174lbs. I have cut down as low as 158lbs for competition. I have competed so many times I have used rebounding from a competition as personal case studies, challenging my ability to gain the weight back. In 2011 after competing at 172 pounds I was able to gain 21lbs in just one week.

I am an open book when it comes to sharing my lifestyle especially my nutrition. There is not a client that I have ever had that I have not advised on nutrition.

With all the scientific advancements we as a community of fitness professionals have not created a fitness program to offset a poor nutrition. My best programming my most exhausting high intensity sessions would be bringing a knife to a gun fight to a client that will not commit to healthy food choices.

To be continued